Arteza Waterbrushes

Hey Reader! Today I’m bringing you a review of some Arteza products. Arteza will be sending me some of their papers and paints for a future post, but we’ll be concentrating on their waterbrushes today, which I did buy with my own money. Unfortunately there will be no pictures as this post goes up, but hopefully in awhile I’ll be able to add pictures. 🙂

Arteza is a fairly new (and rather popular as of the writing of this review; if you’ve been in the art world recently at all, you’ll know that Arteza product reviews are popping up all around) art company (I first heard about them a couple of months ago through the Frugal Crafter). They sell a lot of products such as, but not limited to: water-based markers, colored pencils, watercolor paint tubes, waterbrushes, and watercolor paper, all at very affordable prices. A friend of mine passed me some of their watercolor paper samples, and from that, I’d say it’s as good as Canson XL, and for a cheaper price too.

On their About page:

We are Arteza, a team of creative souls united under one vision – to empower the everyday artist. Our mission is not a destination, it’s a journey we pursue every day. We chase the horizon by continually improving ourselves as a team and a company. Our modus operandi is providing high quality tools at prices artists can afford.

From the Frugal Crafter’s high ratings and what I’ve read online, it seemed like Arteza’s products would be a good deal (their prices are amazing)- and I needed a couple of waterbrushes (great article for explaining waterbrushes) for an upcoming trip anyways, so I bought some on Amazon, with my own money (Note: I bought the regular clear ones, not the red ones. I believe the red packs come with six, and I didn’t need that many). I received them in two days with Prime shipping, and I immediately tested them out. The bristles seemed fine- not too stiff, but quite soft. A little softer than I would’ve liked for a waterbrush, actually, but overall okay. So I filled the barrels up and squeezed them, and lo and behold, the water came out where the barrel and the regulator (the thing that regulates the water flow?) twisted together. I was surprised at this, so I tested the other three waterbrushes in the set and the exact same thing happened. Another thing: the waterbrush will literally soak up the color on the bristles of the brush, and the next thing you know, the water in the actual barrel will be muddy. This I was not pleased with. At all. I mean, who wants their washes to be muddy? You want clear and clean washes.

So I contacted Arteza and they got back to me immediately and offered to send me replacements, and of course I agreed. Yay for Arteza’s customer service. 😀

But alas, the same thing happened. So I contacted Arteza again in hopes that they’d send me their red waterbrushes to try, and they did!

I’m extremely happy to say that these waterbrushes are really, really nice. I liked the look of their Pentel-like waterbrushes better, and they (the Pentel-like ones; let’s call them the P-Ls, shall we?) were much easier to squeeze. Well, the red-barreled ones weren’t hard by any means to squeeze, but I still felt like I had to use a good amount of pressure to get water flowing out, so I wouldn’t exactly recommend these brushes for those with weaker hands. The smallest round also seems to have a slight defect on it; the top of the tip is frayed towards the side.

There is another thing to note: I laid the medium round waterbrush on its side, and after a couple of hours, the water in the barrel was muddy. I’m not really sure what happened there; I’ve never had that problem again, even though I ran some tests. Those slight problems aside, these waterbrushes are completely fine and I really like them.

All in all, I would give these waterbrushes a 4/5 stars. One star off because of the defect and the muddy water in the barrel problem. Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t recommend these for a person with weaker hands or hands that tend to hurt if you exert pressure with them.

Thanks for reading! I know this review wasn’t as informative as it could have been. Sorry! I’m still learning on how to blog and whatnot. 😀 I would absolutely love it if you would follow me through email or WordPress, and I’ll be back at you in the future with another Arteza post!


Have you ever tried any of Arteza’s products? How did you like them?



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